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Origami is one of my favourite things to do . This term our class is having genius hour and we got to choose what we have to do, the things we could do were Art,Writing,Reading and lots of other things . we do genius hour to improve our skills in somethings we would like to do better at and I am doing origami . What i am doing for origami is a 16 pointed ninja star   it is made out of 16 square pieces of paper.

About me

Hello my name is Miggie I am 11 years old I am from the Philippines and recently moved to New Zealand.  I have a brother and his 2 years old. i have a pet dog in in the Philippines . I like  to play  Basketball . My hobbies are going to the computer and listening to music . My favourite colors are blue and purple . My favourite subject is maths . My  favourite singers are Selena Gomez , Avril Lavigne and  Justin Bieber . My friends are Emma , Bea, Mary E and Amelia .