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Hello my name is Miggie I am 11 years old I am from the Philippines and recently moved to New Zealand.  I have a brother and his 2 years old. i have a pet dog in in the Philippines . I like  to play  Basketball . My hobbies are going to the computer and listening to music . My favourite colors are blue and purple . My favourite subject is maths . My  favourite singers are Selena Gomez , Avril Lavigne and  Justin Bieber . My friends are Emma , Bea, Mary E and Amelia .

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Miggie!

    Good to meet you on your blogging journey.

    Loved reading about your dog and your brother and your friends.

    What is the most interesting thing you’ve learnt mathematically?

    What are your favourite songs from the singers you’ve mentioned?

  2. Miggie so pleased you have this post now published. do you think you might ever get a new pet dog here?
    Miss T

  3. Hi Miggie,

    My name is Tess and I am from Australia. I also like Justin Bieber, what is your favourite song of his? When I was on your class blog, I saw you on the blogroll and I really like your name. Miggie! I also have a dog, his name is Schnitzel. He is a mini schnauzer named Schnitzel. When did you move from the Philippines? Are you liking New Zealand so far? My friend called Hannah is from New Zealand. Her blog is http://theawesomeblog.edublogs.org
    To answer my questions, just comment on my blog… http://greenzebra.edublogs.org

    From Tess

  4. Hello Tess,

    I dont have a favourite justin bieber song. I moved from the Philippines in 2009, Yes i am. Ill leave you a comment soon


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